NORDICTRACK E9.2 Elliptical Review

The elliptical is design to maximize calorie loss and muscle toning the entire body. It also improves coordination.

  • Magnetic digital setting SMR ™ Silent Magnetic Resistance: This smooth resistance system without friction allows you to adjust the intensity of your program without interrupting your workout.
  • Electronic Selection graded resistance of 1 to 20: To burn more calories, increase intensity or improve muscle tone, simply adjust the resistance of the bike. Choose from 20 resistance levels for ultimate performance. .
  • Flywheel 20 kg excellent fluidity of pedaling!
  • This elliptical has a wide and long step motion to extend and refine your body ()
  • Over-sized Cushioned Pedals "These large pedals allow you a large number of different foot positions and guarantee stability and comfort during your workout.
  • Have quality workouts a gym with no less than 23 drives. Developed by a certified coach, speed, time, distance and angle are pre-selected, all you have to do is press Start:
  • 3 Watts programs that control the display of continuous watts RPM and developed,
  • 10 programs to target performance,
  • 10 Calories goal.
  • The console display with graphic backlit green indicates:
  • Speed display speed during exercise,
  • Time displays the cumulative duration of the exercises,
  • Distance shows the distance that you have pedaled in miles.
  • Calories displays the approximate calories during exercise,
  • Calories per hour displays the approximate number of calories burned per hour.
  • Resistance shows the resistance level of 1-20
  • During your workout, the bar training intensity indicates the approximate intensity level of your efforts
  • Tilt displays the level of incline of the ramp for a few seconds every time you change the ramp incline.
  • Tours / Minute (RPM) show the pedaling speed in revolutions per minute (t / m).
  • Stride displays the total number of strides made.
  • Heartbeat display heart rate in beats per minute exercise.
  • Compatible with iPod,
  • Speakers Intermix Acoustics ™ 2.0 to enjoy your favorite music

Here undoubtedly "THE" real innovation, the iFit Live concept: The console is equipped with iFit Live mode that allows the elliptical to communicate with your wireless network via an iFit Live module (optional). With the iFit training mode, you can download personalized workouts, create your own workouts, record your workout results, and access to many features, such as creating your route from Google Maps ™ site on your computer. I discovered Ifit Live in video (in English only)

I want to bring the: Wireless Module Ifit Live

Taking the pulse:
  • Taking EKG heart rate sensors integrated on the landline or more accurately using the Polar belt included.
His "+" product:
  • System Ifit Live: New path created with Google Maps ™ and customized sessions a true innovation in the world of fitness training.
  • Touch keys
  • Transport wheels on the front,
  • Compensators levels back to stabilize your elliptical on any floor surfaces!
  • Equipped with a water bottle holder!
Runs on AC with transformer series.

Weight and dimensions:
Weight capacity: 150 kg.
Open Dimensions: Length 168 cm x Width 64 cm x Height 161 cm.
Folded size: n

Structure lifetime warranty
Normal wear parts warranty 2 years

PROFORM ACTALIUS Elliptical Review

This Proform Actalius elliptical allows occasional training for persons desiring to start a physical activity. Ideal for use between 1 and 3 hours per week.   

The workout on an elliptical works 80% of body muscles is a very good camera for the cardiovascular system.

Resistance: - manual magnetic resistance of 8 levels through the indexed under the fixed handlebar knob: To burn more calories, increase intensity and improve muscle tone, simply adjust the resistance of the bike. You get faster results and better enjoy your workout with the adjustable resistance - Flywheel mass of 5 kg, fluid pedaling.

Console: LCD displays the following information: - Time: cumulative duration exercises - Dist: Distance combined exercises. - Calorie: The cumulative calories burned exercising. - Pulse: Shows heart rate exercise.From 30 to 240 BPM (beats per minute.) - Calories burned during exercise.

Taking Heart Rate: - Get the most out of each of your workouts by monitoring your heart rate through sensors embedded in the bar stand, assurrez- you always be in your heart training area to achieve your goals.

Comfort: -. Large anti-slip pedals.- Compensator levels for stability - Position fixed if you want to rest your upper body or just work down body. - Transport wheels on the front to move and store the elliptical at the end of the workout. To counter, 2 x AA batteries (not included)!

Weight & Dimensions: Weight capacity: 115 kg. Open Dimensions: Length 107 cm x Width 66 cm x Height 152 cm. Dimensions folded: no

Warranty: 5 years warranty structure normal wear parts warranty 2 years

120 DOMYOS Elliptical Review

Designed for occasional cardio-training at home (up to 30 minutes of cumulative daily use). Most of the use in this first prize. Ideal for beginners.

  • Strength
Flywheel: 3 kg. Stability of the bike. 8 levels of difficulty.2
  • Home comfort
Pedaling smooth and quiet. Simple mechanical adjustments.3
  • Ease of use
New intuitive console slim 1 button and 5 functions. Autoscan mode.4
  • Measuring physical activity
Console display: distance traveled, calories burned, time, speed, period.5
  • Easy storage
Product compact for easy storage.6
  • Interactive
Coaching MP3 Compatible Domyos Jiwok

5 year warranty on frame and 2 years on parts.


  • Discover the elliptical
Designed for doing cardiovascular workouts, the elliptical or EV, is an excellent compromise between improving the breath and body toning. It can be used in all weather conditions both indoors at home. Cross trainer combines pedaling a bike, climb the stairs of a stepper and the movement of skiing. The advantage of this elliptical movement is that mimics the natural course without impacts.
  • Benefits of Elliptical
The benefits of this are many: it invigorates both thighs, gluteus, calves, but also the upper body: arms and shoulders
Furthermore, the position adopted on the bike keeps . the back straight and thus prevents back pain
The elliptical acts directly on: weight loss, maintenance of heart, fight against stress, physical and psychological well-being.
  • Who is it for?
For anyone wishing to improve their fitness safe: it avoids any shock to the joints may damage them! No impact on elliptical training is accessible to all. Easy to use and progressive, do not hesitate to adapt programs VE depending on your level of practice.


Very easy to use equipment, exercise effort to work the arms and legs is provided, no creaking in use and display correctly - equipment perfectly meets my wish one little shade, mounting an uncomplicated at the introduction of the cable counter.